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Alpaugh & Alpaugh North: 92.6 MWDC

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Project Details

Completion Date: January 2013

Location: Tulare Valley, California

Client: Consolidated Edison Development (CED)

These 2 Projects cover more than 650 acres and produce enough power to serve roughly 58,000 homes.
Project Overview
  • ATI’s ground-mount single-axis tracking support structure on impact-driven steel piers
  • Completed in 9 months
  • Trina 280W, 285W, & 290W; and Canadian Solar 280W & 285W polycrystalline modules
  • Emerson 1.25 MW inverters
  • Constructed for GCL Solar Energy, then acquired by Consolidated Edison Development
  • All power sold to Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Quanta Subsidiaries involved:
    • Dashiell Corporation
    • Manuel Brothers
    • PAR Electric Company
Scope of Services
  • Full engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of entire system, with installation of The Ryan Company, Inc. provided modules
  • Preparation of site – management of all project grading, trenching and fencing
  • Installation of the support structures and module racking system
  • Installation of the modules, inverters, DC wiring, AC power cables and the associated collection equipment
  • Procurement of all equipment
  • Design and optimization of project processes and installation
  • Design and installation of the 34.5-115kV substation

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