The Ryan Company, Inc. (Ryan), provides turnkey Engineer/Procure/Construct (EPC) for substation solutions. We offer a full menu of project management, planning, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and maintenance capabilities to respond to the needs of our customers in the power generation market. This gives our clients flexibility of choosing a single service or full EPC services. We work hard to support clients with development efforts in order to conserve both time and cost. As a firm that is forward in the fast evolving energy industry, The Ryan Company, Inc. is your most efficient, environmentally responsible, and dedicated team of choice.

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Denton Lovell Substation Upgrades, Contract # 902922-04

Project Overview

  • Upgrades to energized substation

  • Replacement of all of the equipment and buswork within the substation

  • Start Date – January 2013

  • Completion Date – August 2013

  • Location- West Boylston, Massachusetts

  • Ryan is the prime contractor and electrical contractor

  • Preparation of site – management of all site work

  • Installation of concrete equipment foundations

  • Installation of electrical conduits, medium voltage cable, and direct burial cable

  • Replacements of entire transformer #1 from the 115kV incoming line through the new 115kV disconnect and circuit breaker and the new 115-13.8kV transformer to energize the new switchgear; Transformer #2 remained energized during this work

  • Replacements of entire transformer #2 from the 115kV incoming line through the new 115kV disconnect and circuit breaker and the new 115-13.8kV transformer to energize the new switchgear; Transformer #1 and the new 13.8kV switchgear remained energized during this work

  • Interconnection of equipment

  • Landscaping

West Boylston Municipal Lighting Plant
Wallace Substation

Owner:  Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Dept

Project Overview

  • Substation upgrade and improvements

  • Start Date – January 2015

  • Completion Date – July 2015

  • Location – Wakefield, MA

Scope of Services

  • Transform power from 115 kV to 13.8 kV 

  • Work included site survey and layout, clearing, excavation, backfill and compaction, installation of temporary chain link fence around work area

  • Furnish and install: permanent chain link fence, retaining wall, screening wall and gates,

  • Furnish and install transformer oil containment and separation system, reinforced concrete structure and equipment foundations, pipe bollards, PVC or RGS electrical conduits 

  • Substation structure and equipment package consisted of 115 kV circuit breakers, 115 kV disconnect switches, bay 115 kV line terminal structure, single bay 115 kV line terminal structures 

  • Furnish and install two power transformers, external connections to switchgear and control enclosure, underground MV power cable, all low voltage power and control cable, and yard lighting fixtures

Project Overview

  • Construction of a 115/34.5kV Plant Collector Substation

  • Start Date – June 2015

  • Completion Date – October 2015

  • Location – Corcoran, CA

Scope of Services

  • Substation Site Work

- Cleared and prepared site

- Foundations installed to include oil containment system, flat pad work and           drilled pier augers.

  • Below grade electrical installations in the solar farm collector substations and interconnect switchyard:

- Excavated for and installed all underground substation conduits and ground     grids inside the substation fence

  • Installed all structural steel and overhead bus components

- Pull and terminate overhead 115kV line from substation dead-end to utility POI.

- Pull, install and terminate all Fiber Optic circuit routed from existing gen tie   switch pole and Switchyard Control Building Enclosure

  • Installed Substation Equipment

- Power Transformer: 15/16.8/22.4 MVA, 117.5 Grd WYE/34.5 Grd WYE/13.2kV       Delta, with surge arresters

- Circuit Breaker: 115kV, Dead tank SF6

- Disconnect Switches

- Metering CT/PT Combo Unit: 115kV

- Control Enclosure: 11.5' x 24' Precast Concrete

- Relay Panels

- Circuit Breaker: 34.5kV, Vacuum breaker with SEL-351 relay

- Capacitor Bank: 2 stages with circuit switchers

- Potential Transformer

- SCADA Revenue Metering and Remote Intelligent Gateway, RIG


- Generator

- Conduit, Pre-Fab Cable Trench, Pull boxes

- Sump pump

  • Provided all necessary equipment and rigging required to off-load and set all substation and pole line components.

  • Substation grounding,  fencing and fence grounding.

  • Affixed the associated bushings and radiators to the substation transformer, procure and fill with oil.

  • Installed all concrete encased duck banks. conduit, conduit fittings and trench as required to extend the 13.8kV feeders, 480v auxiliary power, control cable, medium voltage cable, telephone, and fiber optic circuits from the substation to the station pole line near end structure.

  • Coordinated all required outage dates during construction.

  • Provided personnel for programming and testing all substation protective relaying.

  • Provided qualified personnel and calibrated test equipment to perform acceptance testing and commissioning of the completed systems

  • Provided redlined Drawings for use in developing issued for record, As-Built Drawings.

  • Reviewed all substation Material operations & maintenance manuals for recommended storage, installation and start up procedures; and comply as applicable.

Corcoran III Substation
Centech Substation

Owner:  Shrewsbury Electric and Cable Operations

Project Overview

  • Substation upgrade and improvements

  • Start Date – May 2014

  • Completion Date – October 2014

  • Location – Shrewsbury, MA

Scope of Service

  • Installation of a new 115 kV 3-Breaker Substation with two 115 kV lines, two 115-13.8 kV transformers, and a prefabricated control enclosure containing metalclad 15 kV switchgear and a 115 kV control room. 

  • The work of this contract includes site preparation, excavation and grading, concrete foundations and retaining wall, conduit, power ductbank and grounding required for the specified equipment

  • Installation of the 115 kV structures, buswork and switching equipment, connection of power transformers and switchgear

  • Installation of 115 kV power cables and control cables

East Mansfield Substation

Owner:  Mansfield Municipal Electric Department

Project Overview

  • Substation upgrade and improvements

  • Start Date – January 2012

  • Completion Date – October 2012

  • Location – Mansfield, MA

Scope of Service 

  • Ryan was the prime contractor and electrical contractor

  • Preparation of site – management of all project grading, trenching, boulder reduction

  • Furnish and install electrical conduits and direct burial per plans

  • Install owner supplied substation equipment & 15kV power cable

  • Furnish and install external connections to 24/32/40 MVA transformers and 15kV switchgear

  • Construct a perimeter precast wall and transformer sound wall consisting of sound absorbing masonry units placed on a concrete foundation

  • Install site drainage

  • Fencing

  • Landscaping

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