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Pier T – Shore to Ship Power Project

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Project Details

Completion Date: December 2015

Location: Long Beach, California

Client: City of Long Beach

Long Beach, CA
Owner: City of Long Beach

Project Overview

  • Construction of Shore-to Ship Power Project at Pier T, Berths T132-T140
  • Approximate Contract Value – $25 million

Scope of Service

The Work includes, but is not limited to, the following items:

  • Construction of 25 kV switchgear adjacent to existing switchgear at the
  • Main Terminal Substation (“MTS”).
  • Construction of Shore-to-Ship Power (“SSP”) Substations SSP 1, SSP2, SSP3 and SSP4.
  • Construction of Shore to Ship Power Outlets SPO-I, SPO-2, SPO-3, SPO-4, SPO-5, SPO-6, SPO-7, SPO-8, SPO-9, SPO-to, and SPO-ll, including wharf modifications for vaults.
  • Construction of equipment pads.
  • Earthwork, including excavation, bedding, filling, grading and segregate, test, reuse and dispose of excavated soil
  • Installation of crushed miscellaneous base and asphalt concrete pavement.
  • Demolition of existing paving, fencing and bollards.
  • Construction of paving, fencing and bollards, including footings.
  • Construction of duct banks, manholes and pull boxes.
  • Construction of conduit systems, including supports, under the existing
  • Construction of existing slurry and cut-off wall penetrations.
  • Installation of conductors in existing and new duct bank systems.
  • Installation and interconnections of new fiber optic cables for Power Logic
  • Communications between SSP substations, MTS switchgear and
  • Provide training for Power Logic software
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Shore to Ship Power System Commissioning.

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