Ryan offers services nationwide that encompass a diverse portfolio of public and government work utilizing an extensive equipment fleet for all projects. With a workforce of industry leaders and extensive technical expertise, the Ryan team has an established track record of delivering results to clients on a timely and cost effective basis. With a history of success in delivering client expectations on infrastructure projects, we have earned the reputation as a firm dedicated to quality, safety, and client expectations. Our business systems ensure accountability and transparency under all Cost Accounting Standards and Federal Acquisition Regulations, and Ryan’s services can be found under a variety of Federal contract vehicles.

Electrical Infrastructure

With an unwavering commitment to safety and environmental standards, The Ryan Company, Inc. (Ryan) offers the expertise and a flexible and comprehensive suite of services ranging from construction only to turnkey EPC in order to build high performance electrical transmission and distribution systems, SCADA and control systems, and substations. With a top of the line fleet and a workforce that includes both union and non-union members, we consistently deliver and exceed client expectations for electrical infrastructure projects. Our substation work encompasses new construction, upgrades, switchgear and motor control centers, and we have been involved in sensitive and challenging projects for both the public and private sector.

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California State University-Fresno
Pier T – Shore to Ship Power Project
Water Purification Plant Service Entrance Upgrade
California State University, Monterey Bay
Electrical Infrastructure Replacement
Campus Crescent Infrastruture Upgrade
Electrical Upgrade

Long Beach, CA

Owner:  City of Long Beach


Project Overview

  • Construction of Shore-to Ship Power Project at Pier T, Berths T132-T140

  • Approximate Contract Value - $25 million

  • Start Date – May 2013

  • Completion Date – December 2015


Scope of Service

  • The Work includes, but is not limited to, the following items:

  • Construction of 25 kV switchgear adjacent to existing switchgear at the

  • Main Terminal Substation ("MTS").

  • Construction of Shore-to-Ship Power ("SSP") Substations SSP 1, SSP2,

  • SSP3 and SSP4.

  • Construction of Shore to Ship Power Outlets SPO-I, SPO-2, SPO-3,

  • SPO-4, SPO-5, SPO-6, SPO-7, SPO-8, SPO-9, SPO-to, and SPO-ll, including wharf modifications for vaults.

  • Construction of equipment pads.

  • Earthwork, including excavation, bedding, filling, grading and

  • Segregate, test, reuse and dispose of excavated soil

  • Installation of crushed miscellaneous base and asphalt concrete pavement.

  • Demolition of existing paving, fencing and bollards.

  • Construction of paving, fencing and bollards, including footings.

  • Construction of duct banks, manholes and pull boxes.

  • Construction of conduit systems, including supports, under the existing

  • Construction of existing slurry and cut-off wall penetrations.

  • Installation of conductors in existing and new duct bank systems.

  • Installation and interconnections of new fiber optic cables for Power logic

  • Communications between SSP substations, MTS switchgear and

  • Provide training for Power logic software as recommended by the

  • Acceptance Testing

  • Shore to Ship Power System Commissioning.

Kern County Water Agency, Bakersfield, CA

Contract # KCWA-2007-08


Project Overview

  • Construction of the Kern County Water Agency

  • Improvements to District No. 4 Henry C. Garnett Water Purification Plant Service Entrance

  • Approximate Contract Value - $13.5 million

  • Start Date – July 2007

  • Completion Date – April 13, 2010

Scope of Service

  • Ryan was the prime contractor and electrical contractor

  • Preparation of site – site clearing, dust control, environmental protection, and perimeter fence

  • Construction of a new 115kV to 4160v substation and service entrance building

  • Installation of a  4.16 kV electrical power distribution system comprised of remotely operated medium voltage switchgear

  • 2000kw Stand-by diesel engine generators

  • Installation of an automatic transfer control system

  • Providing all electrical raceways, including concrete encased underground ductbanks, cable tray and conduit, and conductors required to connect the following existing facilities:

Campus Crescent Infrastructure Upgrade

Project Overview

  • Mechanical and Electrical Infrastructure upgrades for the complete campus

  • Location: Monterey Bay, California

  • New hot water system to various buildings

  • Completion of the underground 15kV loop throughout the campus including medium voltage switchgear and transformers

  • Start Date – October 2006

  • Original Completion Date – September 29, 2007

  • Ryan was the prime contractor and electrical contractor

  • Preparation of site – performed all project grading, trenching and access roads

  • Furnished and installed all mechanical and electrical infrastructure upgrades

  • Installation of underground medium voltage loop, switchgear and transformers

   Some of our clients:

  • US Army Corps of Engineers

  • Ohio State University

  • Mansfield Municipal Electric Department

  • California State University

  • West Boylston Municipal Lighting Plant

  • Kern County Water Agency

  • Port of Long Beach

  • Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority

  1.  The transformer serving the existing Water Purification Plant (WPP)

  2.  The 1000 kW solar photovoltaic system which will be furnished and installed under a separate contract       

  3. The Northwest Pump Station

Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade Project


Project Overview

  • Construction of New 12 kV Switchgear Building including switchgear, cable vaults, incoming PG&E service conduits, manhole and interrupter switch, 12 kV loop feeder distribution control system and campus power monitoring system

  • Start Date – January 2105

  • Completion Date – September 2016

  • 12 kV loop feeder distribution system comprised of four feeder loops as follows:

  • Feeder Loop 1- Feeds 26 facilities on West side of campus

  • Feeder Loop 2 – Feeds 17 facilities in the Central/ South sides of the campus

  • Feeder Loop 3 – Feeds 24 facilities on the North/East sides of the campus

  • Feeder Loop 4 – Feeds Central Plant and the new switchgear building on the North side of the campus

  • Building incoming low voltage service feeders, switchboards and power meters. Includes connecting the power meters to the local building IDF for connection to the new campus power monitoring system

  • Underground PG&E infrastructure between Cedar and Chestnut Avenues located on the North side of Barstow Avenue as part of the PG&E Rule 20 design project to underground the existing overhead 12 kV pole line as part of a street widening project to add a bicycle lane in the future

  • The design includes equipment pads on grade for transformers and capacitors

Campus Electrical Upgrade

San Diego, CA

Owner: University of California, San Diego


Project Overview

  • Utility infrastructure improvement for a large operational campus.

  • Approximate Contract Value - $11 million

  • Start Date – January 2016

  • Completion Date – December 2017

Scope of Service

  • Build a structure/facility for major utilities such as a medium voltage (12KV) switch station

  • Install a 23 bay switchgear in the new structure / facility

  • Build a medium voltage underground duct bank

  • Upgrade an existing operational utilities structure

  • Install over 1.5 miles of medium voltage cable through duct bank

  • Work with limited staging area

Campus Electrical Upgrade
Revelle Electrical Switch Station Expansion
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