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Ryan has donated time, services and financial contributions to a range of charitable causes throughout the year. Employees have participated in local rebuilding projects and have generously donated annually to drives throughout the year to benefit needy organizations in the Denver, CO and Norton, MA areas.


Raising Money for MS

QPG (now Ryan) employees, family and friends got muddy to help raise money for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). On May 16, 2015, Employees Stephanie Seiferth and Angie Jackson participated in Muckfest, along with Steve Jackson and Sally Wetz. 100% of the proceeds from Muckfest go to find a cure for MS. It’s a 5K run/walk with lots of obstacle areas. Read more about this event here: Muckfest MS

Playing Fantasy Football for Charity

Playing Fantasy Football for Charity

In the 2014 football season, QPG (now Ryan) employees played fantasy football and the entry fees were donated to local charities. In addition, they pledged to match, so the Peyback Foundation and Energy Outreach Colorado each recieved $703.00. Read more about these organizations: PeyBack Foundation and Energy Outreach Colorado

QPG food drive

Successful Food Drive Competition

QPG (now Ryan) employees Jesika Murch and Fritz Freund are pictured above with 1,103 pounds of donations collected over the month of January in a food drive competition for the Food Bank of the Rockies in January 2015. They split into teams to collect food donations, and winners were determined by food donation weight. The winner, with 479 pounds of food, was QFS/HR/IT team; A very close second went to Procurement with 346 pounds of food. Read more about this organization: Food Bank of the Rockies

Rebuilding Denver- QPG

Lending a Helping Hand

In September 2014, Quanta employees joined the Montbello Neighborhood Rebuild-a-Thon, sponsored by Rebuilding Metro Denver. Along with other individuals, they helped Tommy Stein, a 76-year-old Colorado native, update his home. Tommy expressed he wants to be a part of his granddaughter’s life and wants her to feel safe and protected while playing at his home. However, due to his age, physical limitations, and financial situation, he’s not able to make most of the improvements needed for his house. That’s where the Montbello Neighborhood Rebuild-a-Thon volunteers come in. They fixed the fence among other outdoor work activity, installed smoke and CO2 alarms in the house, repaired doors and the garbage disposal, cut away tar paper blocking the vent pipes, and added additional house insulation. Read more about how to contribute to this organization: Rebuilding Together Metro Denver